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Glypthelmins quieta


Adult Glypthelmins quieta from intestine of plains leopard frog.



Life cycle stages of Glypthelmins quieta.  A. Cercaria.  B. Oral sucker on cercaria.  Note stylet.  C. Cercariae on surface of water. Note folded tail.  D. Cercaria with folded tail in water next to tadpole.  E.  Cercaria with folded tail next to aquatic vegitation.  F.  Two cercariae bodies after attempted penetration into adult Bufo woodhousii.  G. Cercarial tails after successful penetration into adult Rana blairi.


"Maybe you understand frogs, and maybe you don't understand 'em; and maybe you've had experience, and maybe you an't only a amature." Mark Twain