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Megalodiscus temperatus


Planorbella trivolvis the snail first intermediate host.

Life cycle stages of Megalodiscus temperatus in snails, tadpoles and adult anurans.  A.  Comparison of a typical adult gravid worm recovered from an adult anuran and tadpole (black arrow).  Scale bar = 0.8 mm.  B.  Adult gravid worm recovered from a tadpole, note the eggs and eyespots. Scale bar = 0.25 mm.  C.  Miracidia hatching from an egg released by a gravid worm from a tadpole.  Scale bar = 25 µm.  D.  A three day old Planorbella trivolvis with a M. temperatus miricidium trying to penetrate under the shell (arrow).  Scale bar = 0.5 mm.  E.  A three month old laboratory reared and infected Planorbella trivolvis with shell removed, showing the infected hepatopancreas (Box) with Megalodiscus temperatus rediae.  Scale bar = 75 mm.  F. Close up of E.  Scale bar = 2 mm.  G.  Megalodiscus temperatus redia removed from the hepatopancreas of an infected snail.  Note the round pharynx and developing cercariae.  Scale bar = 80 µm.  H.  Megalodiscus temperatus cercaria from a laboratory infected snail.  Scale bar = 180 µm.  I.  A tadpole of Rana blairi, with a Megalodiscus temperatus metacercaria attached to the skin (arrow).  Scale bar = 1 mm.  J.  Large intestine of a tadpole of Pseudacris triseriata with two attached Megalodiscus temperatus adult worms 10 DPE (arrows). Note the eyespots.  Scale bar = 100 µm.  K.  Sexually mature worm from J.  Note the presence of eyespots, and the developed testes (black arrows) and ovary (white arrow).  Scale bar = 30 µm.  L. Two week old worm from an experimentally infected tadpole of Pseudacris triseriata fed algae. Note the green cecae full of algae.  Scale bar = 30 µm.  M. Enlarged cecum of L.  Scale bar = 5 µm.  N.  Megalodiscus temperatus metacercaria on the skin of an experimentally infected adult Pseudacris triseriata frog.  Scale bar = 150 µm.  O.  Two week old worm from an experimentally infected adult Pseudacris triseriata fed crickets.  Note the red ceacae full of frog blood.  Scale bar = 30 µm.  P.  Enlarged cecum of O.  Scale bar = 5 µm. 


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