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Parasitology Laboratory

Lab pics 1

The Lab!


Lab pics 2

More pictures of the lab.


teaching collection

Parasitology teaching collection; Journal of Parasitology and Comparative Parasitology library.


Lab computer and drawing pad.


Painted Turtle laying eggs

311 liter explosion-proof refrigerator/freezer; 22 gallon flammable materials cabinet; and 15 gallon acid/base safety cabinet.


hood freezer

NUAIRE laminar flow hood with white (fluorescent) light, UV light and air flow system; 13 cubic foot ultra low (-80) VWR freezer.



Thermo Scientific Microm HM325 Rotary Microtome, A.O. 820 Spencer Microtome, Chicago Surgical and Electrical Company paraffin oven; and Tissue Tek II histological staining series.


Placobdella parasitica and Placobdella ornata

Allegra X-22 Beckman centrifuge with bucket rotor; International clinical centrifuge with bucket rotor; classic light level, PL-S series portable balance; VWR® ceramic top hot plate stirrer.


Olympus BX-51 upright research microscope configured for brightfield and DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) applications; Olympus CX-41 upright research microscope configured with Planachromat phase objective lenses for brightfield, phase and dark field microscopy; Olympus Sz-6145 stereo microscope configured with a fiber optics light source and fiber optics ring light; Olympus microscopes are equipped with a Q-Color5 Digital Camera.  A thermo slide warmer.


Nikon Coolpix 995 digital camera and a Nikon Coolpix S4 digital camera equipped with Martin Microscope camera adaptors.


Wild M20

Other microscopes in the laboratory:  Wild Heerbrugg M20 Phase Contrast Microscope.  Features: 10x oculars, a six position turret with 4x/NA 0.10, Phase Fluotar 10x/NA 0.25, Phase Fluotar 20x/NA 0.45, Phase Fluotar 40x/NA 0.65, Phase Fluotar HI50x/NA 1.00 and Phase Fluotar HI100X/NA 1.30 objectives.  Universal brightfield/darkfield/phase condenser, rotatable stage, standard illuminator tube with field lens.  Olympus Tokyo CK C K Inverted Binocular Microscope.  Features: 10X oculars, and 4x, 10x and 20x Olympus objectives.


Wild M3 and M5

Wild Heerbrugg M5 Stereomicroscope.  Features: Illuminator, transmitted light base, hand rests featuring 15x oculars.  Wild Heerbrugg M3 stereomicroscope with illuminator, transmitted light base, hand rests featuring 10x oculars. 


Cam Lucida

Drawing tube for the BX-51 Olympus Microscope; Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. ABBE Camera Lucida.




Ten and 29 gallon snail aquaria.



Insect room

Insect room with cages!








lab stuff 1

Ultrasonic cleaner; portable aerators; snail plastics; and sorting pans!


Lab stuff 2

Five gallon buckets, and lots of nets and aquatic dip-nets for field work.



A Garmin 60CS GPS unit; a Garmin Oregon 400t GPS unit.




Toys, toys, toys !